Transport and Logistics Services

End to End Logistics Solutions

Trojan Transport provides comprehensive endto-end logistics solutions to meet your distribution and storage needs seamlessly and cost effectively. Our fast, professional and reliable transportation service is underpinned by a world class online tracking system that enables us to maintain complete control of our distribution network – and allows you to monitor consignment delivery and access administrative reports 24/7.

As a small, privately owned company, Trojan Transport is flexible, client focussed and highly responsive to your needs. Our professional services include:

  • FCL cartage
  • Secure and cost effective warehousing
  • Storage for oversized products including
  • Heavy machinery, cars and construction materials
  • Customs bond storage container
  • Container packing
  • Container unpacking
  • Online logistics management
  • Sorting, palletising, shrink wrapping and preparation of consignments for forward freighting
  • Packing, storage and distribution for over sized consignments

FCL Cartage

Reliable, Cost Effective FCL Cartage

At Trojan, our FCL Cartage service ensures your goods are transported quickly, cost effectively and securely across the country. Whether you’re importing goods from overseas, preparing for export or simply moving containers inter or intra state, Trojan has the technological solutions and experienced staff to efficiently manage your job.

Our trucks are fully insured and manned by industry professionals to ensure every container is delivered on time and in budget.

Online Logistics Management

Trojan Transport’s world class GPS tracking system sets us ahead of the competition by ensuring you receive greater security for your goods, more efficient delivery, and significant savings. What’s more, it enables us to provide you with meaningful information about your consignment that will assist you and your clients with planning and managing stock.

Using our on-line tracking system we can pin point and report the movement of your consignment as it arrives then departs each leg of its journey.

But its not just tracking deliveries that makes our state of the art logistics management system a valuable tool for your business management. You’ll also have immediate access to your Trojan Transport statements, the ability to reprint any unpaid invoices and the opportunity to check on any stock you hold in our warehouse.

Secure FCL and LCL Storage


At Trojan Transport we have the capacity to securely store up to 250 containers weighing up to 30 tonnes on site at our 9,000sqm warehouse at Port Botany. Here, your goods can be conveniently stored close to the airport, Sydney’s wharves and major highways, ready for freight forwarding.

With a 77G licence, we offer our clients the convenience of under bond storage for FCL awaiting customs clearance. This cost effective and fully secure alternative to storing goods on Sydney’s wharves can save your company tens of thousands of dollars across the year. Naturally, our warehouse and under bond FCL storage service is monitored with camera surveillance and a 24 hour security patrol.

Warehouse and Storage Solutions

Modern, Secure Warehousing

At Trojan we have 9000 sqm of modern, clean and secure warehouse space dedicated to storing containers, pallets, machinery, cars, trucks and more. Our entire warehouse is monitored with back to base alarms and security cameras. And, to further enhance security, a professional team of guards patrols our warehouse 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

With an Australian Customs Bond Store Licence, we can transport your containers from the wharf into under bond storage quickly and hold them securely until customs clearance is complete. This cost effective, secure alternative to expensive wharf storage means you can defer paying customs duties and taxes until you’re ready to take full delivery of your consignment – saving you thousands of dollars across the year.

What’s more, customs clearance delays will no longer eat away at your profits.

Our free store is available for both short and long term storage at cost effective rates – so now you can free up your own warehouse space and be assured that your goods are held in the safest hands.

Online Logistics Management

Trojan’s state of the art on-line logistics management technology lets you check and audit the stock you’re holding at our warehouse at any time. In addition, you can download statements, print unpaid invoices and book freight forwarding.

Container Unpacking Services

Fast and Professional Container Packing and Unpacking

Taking the very best care of your consignment is our highest priority – thats why we’ve established a team of industry professionals who are experienced and operate with integrity, to pack, unpack and process your containers.

To meet all of your supply chain needs, our container packing and unpacking service includes product counts, palletising and shrink-wrapping. We can also consolidate stock lines, sort, prepare, ticket and label goods for forward freighting to multiple locations. This comprehensive service will save you vital time and the cost of moving goods from one supplier to another.

Container Packing

Regardless of the number of goods you have, the size, shape or weight, our dynamic team of professionals will pack every item into a container and lash it down ready to freight intrastate, interstate or overseas. We thrive on challenges whether its cars, bulky machinery or over sized construction materials, the Trojan Transport team will get it under wrap and on its way, quickly, securely and cost effectively.

Container Unpacking

Understanding that time is money, we work on a fast turn around so that your freight is delivered to meet both your deadline and your budget. Whether we’re using a forklift, a crane or unpacking your goods by hand, you can rest assured that your goods will be unpacked quickly and carefully.